Bibik Heritage pays homage and tribute to the Peranakan community by showcasing the rich tapestry of culture, comprising ‘food. fashion. life.’ The term Peranakan in Malay simply means a local born. It came to refer to members of the Baba community in the mid- to late 19th century. Baba can also refer to a male Peranakan while women are known as Nyonyas or Nonyas, and if they are older, Bibiks. ‘Bibik’ is therefore an honorific title, which is used to address a lady who is senior, respected and revered.

The resurgent interest in Peranakan or Baba Nyonya culture in recent times is in no small part due to its mouth-watering cuisine, a heady combination of Malay, Chinese and to a lesser extent, Western fare; developed and refined over time into a truly unique gastronomic component of Malaysia.

At Bibik Heritage, this cuisine is reproduced with scrupulous authenticity, bringing the flavours of the past to you through a selection of perennial favourites.

Arguably the best way to discover a culture is through its food and with that we have put together a menu that contains the best of Nyonya cuisine, with many more sweet and savoury delights to tempt your palate and whet your appetite.

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